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Why is 360 different than other online directories?

360Directories provides highly visual and interactive content. Users don't recognize our site as "advertising" because of the quality and quantity of the content. We provide useful information that site visitors enjoy, and will find useful over and over again. Our software is centered on promoting business and showing them in the best possible light. Our software is fully responsive and is integrated with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

360Directories is an invaluable tool for business owners. Businesses can control their advertisement, track their promotion's success and benefit from the ability to update their content, post coupons, jobs, events and much more.

We are constantly adding new features to benefit you, consumers and the businesses advertising on your site.

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What can 360 promotional pages do for businesses?

  • Use as a web site with a personalized domain name
  • Drive traffic to an existing web site
  • Increase client website search engine placement (SEO)
  • Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram
  • Provide virtual tours and new product photos to prospective customers and travelers
  • Provide collateral material such as menus and price lists for consumers
  • Create coupons and promotions to draw new business
  • Use email notifications to inform customers of upcoming events and special offers
  • Attract local customers and out of town guests
  • Find employees through free job postings
  • See real time reporting on client promotional page
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Who should purchase a license?

Our directory software can provide a valuable revenue stream for a variety of groups. From established businesses who would like to increase or improve their product base to home-based business owners who want to take control of their career. The ideal licensee understands direct sales and is comfortable educating and assisting business owners with their advertising, marketing and basic technical support needs. A local directory site is great for entrepreneurs and home based businesses, broadcast, print and advertising businesses, phone books, TV stations, newspapers, convention and visitors Bureaus and chamber of commerce organizations, industry publications, or anyone with a need to provide business listings.

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How long is the term of a license?

The initial license term is typically one year, with an unlimited number of one year renewal terms.  Other terms may be available.

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What staffing do I need?

The intent of our directory is to allow your team to focus on sales and service of the product. Your current team likely is all you need to grow your directory. As a home-based business, our software is great for a husband and wife team or a one-man-show. Many licensees contract or employ a non-professional local photographer for on-site shoots.

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How do I get businesses on my directory?

When you purchase a license you will receive general product knowledge training and a packet with initial materials. As a licensee you will be responsible for establishing your sales and marketing methods.

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How do I get consumers to use my directory?

The 360Directories software platform is designed with search engine optimization as a number one priority. If you follow SEO best practices in regards to content development when creating promotional pages, your site should do well with local searches. The more original content you add, the better your results should be.

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What training and support will I receive?

General training programs will be developed on an individual license basis.

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What the difference between a 360 branded site and a non-360 site?

A 360 branded site uses the 360 name and logo, and has a layout and design similar to that of other 360 cities. A non-360 site (private labeled) can carry any name and does outwardly appear to be a part of the 360 network. A non-360 site may have a unique layout and design and be implemented seamlessly into your existing website. Customizations must would be quoted on an individual basis. 360 branded site names are not available in all marketplaces or to all applicants.

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Who owns the site?

Your (non-360) brand and your content belong to you. 360Directories owns the software that operates your site. We do not offer an open-source version of our software, and we do not sell the source code. All sites using the 360 software must be hosted on 360Directories' server.

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Can I design my own site?

If you are a graphic designer or employ designers you can create a design that may be turned into a 360 directory. If you are licensing a 360-branded site please review the style guide and design requirements. If you are licensing a non-360-branded site, you can submit designs to our production staff with no limitations, except for technical requirements that allow the site to dynamically display content. Customizations would be quoted on an individual basis.

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Who provides technical support for my clients?

We offer several levels of technical support to our licensees. Support for your clients would be provided directly by your local team.

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How much do I charge to advertise?

Unlike traditional print or media marketing, our program lasts 12 full months and costs just a fraction of the others. You have the flexibility to establish your own pricing strategy and/or implement this product into existing memberships or advertising packages. Typically monthly plans will range from $25.00-$300.00 per month with multiple levels of advertising options.

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